A transformative therapy protocol
 for advanced therapists / Coaches


Soul & Parts Therapy (SPT) is a wonderful intuitive method for resolving psychological and physical issues. Soul & Parts can be used on its own or to complement other methods such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy therapy/healing, etc. Over 550 therapists in Switzerland, Germany and Austria work successfully with Soul & Parts which until now, has only been taught in German. We are therefore delighted to now offer you this training in English!


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Customers served! over 10  therapists are already working successfully with Soul & Parts
Customers served! 10 hours of successful therapy with Soul & Parts


A Combination of powerful Methods

Soul & Parts is a mixture of powerful therapeutic approaches. The protocol combines Parts Therapy, Regression, Subliminal Techniques, Inner Child, Forgiveness, and communication with the Higher Self – also referred to as the Superconscious or Soul.

Intuitive and transformational

Soul & Parts allows the client's subconscious to lead the session. The therapist communicates directly with the subconscious mind, which identifies and presents the parts responsible for the client's issue. The superconscious accomplishes the transformation of the parts to meet the client's goal for positive change.

Efficient and proven

The protocol was developed over 5 years ago by Mike Schwarz. In the meantime, more than 550 people in Switzerland, Germany and Austria are using it successfully. Thousands of therapy hours have been invested into creating and continuously improving the Soul & Parts methodology.

No hypnosis inductions necessary

No hypnotic induction is necessary with Soul & Parts and the depth of trance is not key for success. This process is therefore also suitable for clients with a pronounced critical faculty as the client remains fully in control during the whole session.

Mit Mike Schwarz Selbsthypnose lernen


I'm Mike Schwarz

I am a hypnotherapist, child therapist, mental coach and author with heart and soul. During the past 9 years I have had the privilege of training and educating over 2,000 therapists in hypnosis or related techniques. I am fascinated by the abilities and power of our subconscious. It is the foundation of our whole being.

Soul & Parts was created to establish direct communication with the subconscious, the soul. It is more than a method or a tool. Soul & Parts is a philosophy. The advanced therapist or coach will love it. This protocol is the missing piece of the puzzle for many therapists.

I am delighted to have found a professional and warm-hearted trainer in Sue Hofmann. She will accompany you with her wonderful, friendly nature and teach you Soul & Parts in a clear and understandable way.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Soul & Parts family!

Creator of Soul & Parts

Sue Hofmann - Soul & Parts Trainer


I'm Sue Hofmann

Originally from Scotland, but I have been living in Switzerland for most of my life, which has now become my home. I love Switzerland, the beautiful nature, the people, the language, the food... and I feel extremely privileged to live in such a wonderful country.

My interest in hypnosis came about after sitting next to a hypnotherapist on a plane. I started chatting to her and was fascinated by the information she gave me. As soon as I got home, I booked my first course and got hooked! That was in 2016. Since then, I have completed numerous training sessions over the years, where I learned various methods including Soul & Parts with Mike.

What I like most about Soul & Parts, is the fact that it is generally a very gentle, but effective technique which enables the client to see things from a different perspective and can bring about positive effects even after one session. Often, during a SPT session, the client gets the “aha” experience.

I am a member of the Swiss Professional Association for Hypnosis and I have my own practice in the village where I live. I have also worked as a teacher/trainer in other companies where I taught different subjects.

I hope you will sign up for this training in English and looking forward to seeing you online.

Your Trainer for Soul & Parts

Who is Soul & Parts for

For Advanced Therapists / Coaches

You should already have experience in hypnosis, NLP, coaching or energy methods and have experience in working with clients.

For Regression Therapists

Soul & Parts includes regression therapy. Ideally, you should have a working knowledge of regression. If you don't, you can benefit from our separate 1-day course where we can get you up to speed!

For Intuitives

If you love intuitive work and are also open to a bit of spirituality, Soul & Parts is for you. The method, including the regression and transformation work, is generally an extremely gentle one.

what others say

I completed the training in June 2016 as one of the first therapists with Mike. A wonderful form of therapy, which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Mike is a therapist & trainer who passes on his knowledge with heart and all his love. I can't even imagine my daily therapies without Soul & Parts. Anyone who wants to complete their tools for hypnotherapy should definitely have Soul & Parts in their "backpack".

One of the best trainings I have done. Soul & Parts and the Team behind is simply brilliant. They are very convincing and above all totally sympathetic.

Soul & Parts is now one of my favorite tools in hypnosis. You can also profit a lot from the Facebook group for all those who use Soul & Parts.

Andrea Forsthuber

Andrea Forsthuber

I have made a huge step forward in my therapeutic work with the Soul & Parts training.

I learned a great way to work with myself and my clients.

I am completely satisfied and can recommend this great training to everyone.

Sascha Wattenbachn

Sascha Wattenbach

The Soul & Parts training has made me very enthusiastic. And as a therapy option, it made hypnosis complete. It is exactly the piece of the puzzle that I was missing. Very efficient and sensitive method to perfectly accompany each client, individually. Thanks to the great expertise of the team that has given a very sound answer and explanation to all questions and ambiguities, it makes the implementation easy and understandable. I can only recommend this training to every therapist. So it's really fun!

Monika held


Monika Held

I am thrilled all around! Working with Soul & Parts is a blessing and has helped me enormously. It has also given me additional confidence and trust in myself and what I am doing beyond what I have (newly) learned. Soul & Parts is great and I work with it about 90% of the time or always include it in some form in other procedures. It helps my clients just as much. Thank you for letting me learn Soul & Parts. I have already recommended the training to others.

Dia Zimmermann

Dia Zimmermann Rezension

Your Zoom Training

The Soul & Parts training is completed in a LIVE Zoom session. The training is split over 2 days and lasts approx. 5 hours each day, excluding a 1-hour break for lunch. All you need is an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone (e.g., notebook, tablet or even on your mobile phone). The class times are from 10am till approx. 12 noon and from 1pm till approx. 4pm.

Documentation will be sent to you in advance; a manual/script, a PowerPoint presentation plus a workflow showing the process. Demo sessions will also be given during the training, either individually or as a group.

What you get in the training

  • Approx. 10 hours professional LIVE Zoom Training with Sue Hofmann (Mike will join at the beginning)
  • 1 or 2 live demonstrations
  • A manual/script, workflow plus PowerPoint presentation in PDF format
  • 30 days access to the video recordings of the training
  • An audio as preparation for Soul & Parts therapy for personal use and/or to forward to your clients
  • Access to exclusiv Facebook Group
  • The possibility to repeat the course at a later date for only USD 100$

Frequently asked questions

Weiterbildung Soul & Parts Therapie

About soul & parts


Parts Therapy is based on the assumption that our mind consists of many parts (subpersonalities). A part is created as a result of traumatic or non-traumatic events in a person's life. Emotions and perceptions are stored in the part itself at the time of the experience and can unconsciously influence a person in their thinking, feeling and acting.

A smoker, for example, may have several such parts active within him, which independently or collectively cause the smoker's addiction. With the help of Parts Therapy, such parts can be determined and then transformed, or they can cooperate with other parts – which results in changing the undesirable thinking, feeling and acting into a positive state.

There is a component within us that is completely free of any ego; free from limiting emotions such as fear, blockages and stress. This component might also be known by the following names: Higher Self, Super consciousness, Center, Soul. Regardless of the name you give it, this component knows everything about all our parts, egos, emotions, events/experiences, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and energies and is also capable of transforming any negative ones.

In Soul Therapy, direct communication with this entity is established and installed in a way that is comprehensible to the client. This component often communicates in beautiful symbols and images.

Together, these two forms of therapy create a strong foundation and become a powerful tool that not only identifies root causes of problems and dissolves patterns but can also have a positive effect on the rest of your life.

Soul & Parts Therapy is a highly sophisticated and profound tool. With Soul & Parts you can contact your soul and establish a dialogue between your conscious self and your higher self. Through a state of trance, your ego or critical faculty steps aside – a bit like a bouncer at a night club door! – thereby allowing access to your higher self, to your subconscious and superconscious.


Soul & Parts is suitable for the treatment of many symptoms. As most psychosomatic symptoms have an emotional background, we focus on the emotion, not the symptom! Soul & Parts has already been successfully used for the following topics:

  • Self-love
  • Self-worth
  • Self-confidence
  • Blockages
  • Fears / Panic Attacks
  • Pain / Discomfort
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Eating Disorders
  • Letting go / Grief
  • Finding Ideas / Creativity
  • Allergies
  • MS / Parkinson
  • Cancer

...and much more! Let Soul & Parts inspire you. The possibilities are endless!


Regression is based on the idea that every emotion was created at a certain point in time – generally in connection with a positive or negative event. This point in time is often called ISE – Initial Sensitising Event. It is the first, initial event which generated a certain emotion. Each subsequent experience reinforces this emotion until it causes stress in the person's consciousness.

In Parts Therapy, it is assumed that many emotional events lead to a subpersonality, that is, an aspect of a person. For example, a person experiences an initial event with the feeling "rejection", further events intensify the feeling and finally the mind forms an aspect "rejection". This aspect of a person is also called a "part". It is believed that up to 15 parts and more can be active at the same time in a person, and conflicts often arise when parts do not have the same goals. This eventually causes psychological stress, which can lead to other negative symptoms.

Soul & Parts deals with the higher aspects of the human mind. For some issues, Parts Therapy is therefore superior to classic regression, especially when we have many initial events and subsequent events. We don't have to attend to each of the single events. Instead, we work with the superordinate aspects of the mind and bring all parts into harmony.

There may also be situations where Parts Therapy is perhaps too elaborate. A simple fear, for example, consisting of one or two events, can usually be found and solved more quickly with classic regression.

Regression or Soul & Parts? The therapist no longer has to make this decision as regression is included in this method! It is the client's super consciousness / soul that decides whether regression is necessary in order to transfer a part or not. In many cases no regression is necessary, as the part can simply be desensitized and transformed by pure neural network activation.


Although they are two different protocols / approaches to therapy, the communication with the client's superconscious, the higher self, is something they both have in common.

In Soul and Parts, the focus is on the parts / individual parts of a problem. Parts therapy was further developed primarily by Charles Tebbetts in the 60's and 70's by Paul Federn and belongs to the so-called "EGO State" therapies.

Compared to the Simpson Protocol, there is much more interaction with the client in Soul & Parts which results in giving the client a deeper insight into their being and nature. Through Parts Therapy, the client becomes aware of when their active parts came into being, what emotions they generate and how the emotions influence their behaviour and thinking. This leads to a conscious change in his way of being.

In Simpson Protocol, the client responds with YES / NO finger signals and does not gain significant insight into the origins of his issues. The change takes place unconsciously. This may work for many clients, but it may not work for some. In particular, uptight, analytical individuals often fail with purely subliminal techniques and have the need for more insight. Soul & Parts works both subliminally, meaning covertly, and also very consciously for the client. The client can witness "live" how their superconscious interacts with them and gradually uncovers their issues.

On average, a Soul & Parts session lasts 1.5 - 2 hours, whereas the average for a full Simpson Protocol session is 2 -3 hours. The Simpson manual is over 120 pages - the Soul & Parts manual is only approx. 30 pages and is supplemented by PowerPoint slides that the therapist can adapt for their own use. All of Soul & Parts' documentation is also provided electronically.
Personally, I would recommend both of these protocols to therapists. With Cause-Oriented Regression, Simpson, and Soul & Parts, a professional therapist has three incredibly efficient and powerful tools at their fingertips.

about the training


Soul & Parts is easy to learn and very intuitive. It is advantageous if you have therapeutic knowledge and have also worked with regression before.  If you don’t have regression training behind you, then we would recommended attending a separate day's regression training with one of us. Contact us if you are interested. We will give you the necessary know-how in 6-8 hours, making it easier for you to learn and work with Soul & Parts.

If you already have a therapeutic training, for example hypnosis, NLP, coaching or energy methods, then you will easily be able to understand and work with Soul & Parts!

In addition, after the training you will gain access to many videos and audios in a protected Facebook group where you will also be able to exchange questions, experiences and thoughts with the group. This will ensure that you gain further knowledge and the answers to any questions you have.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Are you a therapist looking for the "best" form of therapy? Well, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you – there is no holy grail of therapy! Every form of therapy has its own characteristics, possibilities and limitations. The therapy technique that you use is really not that significant. Much more important and essential are the following:

  • Rapport with the client. Sympathy and empathy are crucial
  • Your inner attitude, self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Your intention / purpose
  • Your experience
  • The readiness of the client to change, and the amount of self-responsibility he is willing to take

Soul & Parts provides you with everything you need and is a combination of many forms of therapy. Regression, Subliminal Techniques, Superconsciousness, Parts Therapy. It allows you to develop a great deal of "freestyle" and to find your own process and flow. The more therapy methods you know AND master, the more you can decide for yourself what is right for you!


Don't worry! The training will be recorded. You will have 30 days access to the video recordings of the training. In addition, you can attend a later (live) training, as repetition, for only USD 100.


After your registration and payment, we will send you the documents in PDF format by email - a detailed manual and script plus a PowerPoint presentation -   so that you can study the documents before the training.

On the two days of the training you participate via ZOOM. You only need an internet connection, a webcam and a microphone. Every notebook is equipped with these nowadays, but you can also participate via your tablet or mobile phone. The training lasts approximately 5 hours per day, with a break of approx. 1 hour.

During the training the trainer will also demonstrate sessions, individually or as a group.

After the training you will have access to our exclusive Facebook group and can exchange ideas, ask questions and get inspired by our tips and tricks.

In addition,  you have the opportunity to join our Soul & Parts VIP Club. As a VIP member of our Soul & Parts family, you will receive regular refreshers, additional tools, audios and videos to further develop your therapeutic skills and personality.



For the LIVE Zoom Training you need a computer or notebook with a good internet connection. To be able to interact with our trainers, you need a webcam and a microphone. You can also participate in the training via a tablet or mobile phone.

Please make sure you are in a quiet environment without disturbances and that others don't overload the internet line to ensure best viewing/audio quality.

We will record the training. If you can't attend the training or have a technical problem, you can always rewatch the video recording afterwards. 

For the training session, you should please have a printout of the documents ready that were sent to you in advance, and a pen to make notes.  


Yes, we will record the whole training session. You will have 30 days access to the video recordings.

If you are unable to attend the LIVE Zoom training, you will be able to replay the training at your own pace during these 30 days using the video recordings.


After your training you will get an exclusive access to our Soul & Parts group for the English speaking community, where you will have the possibility to exchange ideas with other participants and ask questions.

If you don't have a Facebook account, we will send you regular information by email.


Your investment for the training is 790 CHF
 (approx. GBP 624 / USD 848 / EUR 740) including all material.

Upcoming LIVE Zoom Trainings:

UK / Ireland / Scotland  (all times displayed in Europe/London)
Saturday and Sunday - 11 / 12 December 2021
From 10:00 - approx. 12 noon and 13:00 - 16:00

Saturday and Sunday - 29 / 30 January 2022
Time will be announced soon

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